The future: Suite of GALILEO EYE’s Performance Rating Software (Phase 4)

Galileo’s Eye sustainability performance rating software will allow comparison of actual scarce resources and actual emissions with optimal scarce resources and optimal emissions for any type of energy/environmental system regardless of size or complexity. Galileo’s Eye reporting software will continuously compare actual, historical, and optimal scarce resource use and emissions on a continuous basis.

The main features of Galileo’s Eye suite of software products will be:

Individual Sustainability Performance Rating Software Apps

  • Scanner square (QR Code) for mobile phone input for sustainability performance rating of products, services, and 

  • Customization of individual priorities of relative overall importance of scarce resources and emissions 

  • Rating of company sustainable practices for investment 

  • Government policy sustainability performance rating 

  • Collaboration with other individuals and environmental organizations for environmental 

  • Cloud-based database with customized privacy and increased security
  • Dynamic web-based support and continuous feedback platform 

  • Additional crowd funding projects to advance sustainable practices 

Company & Government Sustainability Performance Rating Software

  • Building sustainability design, control, and monitoring software
  • Community planning software based on current optimal practice 

  • Sustainability financing analysis 

  • Real time exergy performance tracking of community systems 

  • Interface and inoperability with existing 2D/3D computerized modeling and simulation tools and 
green building data exchange protocols