What is our understanding of EXERGY?

Exergy is thermodynamics based on Total Sustainability Rating Method:

  • Exergy measures maximum total energy efficiency  - Traditional energy performance methods do not do this!
  • Exergy measures environmental contamination – Less contamination means higher energy!
  • Exergy includes all fossil fuels, water, minerals, solar, wind and all other scarce resources, and carbon, nitrous oxide, particulate and all other emissions.
  • Exergy rating can be applied to any system, no matter how small or large; even the whole earth.
  • Exergy rating incorporates all interactions between systems within a community and all interactions with the community boundary (environment).

Full report of Galileo´s Eye


What are the current flaws & obstacles?

Existing Sustainability Rating Methods are Fundamentally Flawed

  • Separate ratings are used for energy and environmental performance
  • Only portions of community systems are evaluated
  • Potential interactions between systems are ignored
  • Potential interactions with the environment are ignored

Problems Resulting from Flawed Sustainability Ratings and Obstacles

  • Massive environmental and economic problems including global warming, water shortages, and extensive pollution
  • Corporations provide unsustainable products and services
  • Governmental construct unstainable infrastructure
  • Government policies promote unsustainable activity
  • Citizens purchase unsustainable goods and services