Phase 4: Software Development

The software will be based on a new universal sustainability measuring (“exergy”) methodology that was developed to correct inherent flaws of past piecemeal, fragmented sustainable measurements that only measure a small isolated segment of overall sustainability. The fundamental flaw of piecemeal sustainable measurements is that they focus on reducing consumption of energy, water or other small group of scarce resources or to reducing carbon, mercury, or other small group of harmful emission without addressing how all other resources and emissions are affected.

The primary function of the exergy sustainability software is to provide citizens with a true scientific basis to overcome misrepresentations by governments and businesses as they seek to serve only their own interests.

Solberg Engineering, LLC) and Exergy, Ltd will execute the scope identified in the last phases which will include:

  • A template document for other organizations to employ for their respective communities
  • Examples of optimal sustainable design for component systems within communities (such as waste water treatment plants)
  • Building exergy reporting software for owner to use to minimize costs and environmental impact
  • Personal reporting software (apps) for consumer to use in purchasing decisions
  • Personal reporting software (apps) for determining support for governmental sustainability policy

In this phase the consumer, investor and government policy apps will be developed.