Phase 3: Execution of Minnesota demonstration project

The Project will extend the Annex 49 exergy assessment of the Twin Cities to the State of Minnesota by developing a preliminary sustainability assessment report and developing the scope and cost for a more comprehensive assessment in Phase 3

The preliminary assessment report will service as a master template for every community worldwide by showing what can be done to optimize a community by applying Galileo’s Eye methodology. The assessment report of this phase will compare the claims of Minnesota City, County, and State officials and the claims of companies with the maximum potential sustainability. An important feature of the Project will be including the economic feasibility of system design in the report.

Phase 3 will be crowdfunded at the completion of Phase 2 and will be an extensive evaluation of the State of Minnesota.

The project will be also implemented in Medellin, Colombia with aim to improve locally available energy, water and material sources whilst minimizing the environmental impact associated with the current waste treatment facilities in Medellin. As a result of the study, the city council will improve efficiency of current waste treatment plants, reduce CO2 emissions and environmental problems (bad air quality, water pollution etc) associated with waste treat. This effort is part of the project WASTE2ENERGY funded by the British Government and in collaboration with EXERGY Ltd, CIDET, and University EIA.