The fragmented piecemeal approach and incorrect thermodynamic science make it impossible to assess performance of community systems. The performance of a community system cannot be determined unless the all potential resource utilization system interactions are included.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals to make informed sustainability decisions by developing sustainability performance rating apps for their mobile phones and personal computers. The apps will be based on based on a new universal sustainability performance rating (“EXERGY based”) methodology called “Galileo’s Eye”, which was developed by the David Solberg in 2010 for the United States Depart of Energy during a four year International Energy Agency research project (IEA ECBCS Annex 49).

Galileo’s Eye sustainability performance rating methodology is revolutionary because it incorporates all resources and all emissions instead of the piecemeal approach of all other sustainable performance rating methodologies.  Galileo’s Eye methodology rates performance by comparing all scarce resources used and all emissions generated with an optimal simulated system which minimizes both scarce resources and emissions based on their comparative importance.  Galileo’s Eye apps will be customizable so that individuals will be able to reassign relative priorities for resources and emissions according to their preference.  For example, if water conservation may be a high priority in a desert location than reducing wind energy power consumption.

Individuals will be able to use apps for making unbiased, informed sustainable decisions on:

  • purchasing food, clothing, appliances, cars, houses, other goods
  • leasing office buildings or apartments
  • supporting government investments in roads, buildings, water treatment plants, pipelines, and other infrastructure
  • supporting government rules, regulations, taxes, and other policies
  • personal investment in companies